Our products are aimed at organizations working towards sustainable energy use and the wellbeing of their people. Lower risk and improve performance by allowing facility managers, tenants and more to ‘see’ their air.

Understanding indoor air quality can inform energy saving and improved health for the occupants inside. Air can indicate energy savings and reduce how long a virus can survive. Studies show a reduction in virus survival of 89% and that it’s also 75% less infectious when air quality is improved.

You can’t manage what
you don’t measure

Our indoor air quality software and sensors provide

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Alerts to air quality issues in real time
  • Monthly reporting
  • Historical data
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Optimization targets
  • Solutions guidance
Airsset dashboard and analytics platform

Measure twice, cut once. Our partners model improvements to your space before you start implementation

Our international network of partners provides:

  • Expert recommendations
  • Modeling of improvement measures (knowing before you act)
  • Coordination of needed improvements

We are here to help improve the human experience


Know your air quality with an airsset sensor through our informative dashboard and alerting engine.


Show your staff know how great the air is so they need not worry, or work with us to improve air quality with low cost solutions.


See the positive cognitive functional effects of better air quality. Find the trends that reduce absenteeism.

What our clients have to say

“We wanted to optimize our workplace as well as our 3D printed models. Knowing indoor conditions was vital to that.”

Industrial 3D printing client

“Our work environment is so important. These days, more than ever, having a safe, healthy, comfortable place to go to work every day really matters.”

Ashley Syer, Lawyer,
Syer Law

“Airsset provides us with healthy indoor environments for our tenants”

Richard Morley, Director,
Facilities Management,
Century Group

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