While you might think that manufacturing facilities are the only type of workplaces with IAQ risks you should think again. Offices, restaurants, malls, homes, and all other spaces have their own unique concerns. Many hockey rinks even have specific ammonia monitoring with alarms unique to their use. Having the right monitoring in place is crucial to be able to identify risks and address them quickly. 

How can offgassing impact your workplace?

Offgassing can come from printers, paints, perfumes, millwork and glues and furniture. Building codes have been slow to address the topic of air pollutants globally. As a result, ventilation systems are not normally designed to respond to VOCs and other common air pollutants. A clear example of this are the design practices used for demand-controlled ventilation, where the airflow of a ventilation system is adjusted based on occupancy.

  1. Temperature: most chemicals off gas at either room temperature or higher.
  2. Air movement: if the air is stale and unmoving, the offgasing materials will linger
  3. Removing the source, or minimizing emissions if removal is not possible. For example, you can use furniture made from hardwood instead of particle board, and specify low-VOC paint for new constructions and renovations.

If you are monitoring these factors, you will know when issues arise and you can take immediate action to keep your indoor space healthier, safer, and ultimately reduce offgassing of VOCs in your space.

Improved indoor air quality and careful product selection significantly reduce offgasing

Improved indoor air quality can reduce sick days especially from those with chemical sensitivities

How monitoring your indoor air quality reduces the effects of offgassing

Take quick action to reduce offgassing

High levels of VOCs from offgassing can result in sick days, headaches, poor performance and chronic issues for yourself or your team at work. Certain types of offgassing need to be more quickly dealt with than others, whoever shopping smart is the most effective step. Look for  Greenguard (for furniture), Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) and SGS Group have certifications denoting goods that are low to no-emission.

Airsset will send alerts when VOCs in specific rooms are too high. 

Monitor air ventilation to identify risks of offgassing

If the air is stale and unmoving, offgassed chemicals will remain in the air. Do you know if your space has effective ventilation? What happens when a ventilation fan breaks or stops working? Sometimes the issue isn’t noticed or resolved for months, and that area can have offgassing. Maybe it’s a printer room that should have an exhaust but didn’t. 

Airsset monitors for VOCs which, when found in high levels indicates a lack of air movement which means offgassing materials. When there’s an issue, you’ll get an alert so you can take action immediately. Airsset can also connect to your control system for any Demand Control Ventilation needs. 

Healthy air leads to better performance

Offgassing VOCs often result in headaches and other temporary effects that affect your day to day performance. 

Airsset has a cognitive function parameter and will send alerts when high levels of unhealthy VOCs are detected. Additionally, our monthly reports prepared by our team of experts can help you identify recurring problems and optimize your air quality system for a healthier, safer workplace. 

A healthier, safer workplace starts here

Airsset will help you not only monitor important air quality factors like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but you’ll also better understand the data and get alerts when you need to take action. 

It starts with three easy steps


Connect to one of our selected air quality devices to a power source.

Connect it

Connect the device to your wifi

Real-time monitoring

You’re live! Check your real-time air quality dashboard at any time.

Use your data to identify & fix issues

Easier problem solving with real-time reporting

With real-time indoor air quality dashboards, you don’t waste any time or resources running inefficient systems or investigating the problem. More data can identify the root problem of any issues faster and easier. 

Take action faster with custom alerts

Know when it’s time to take an action as small as opening a window or when there’s a major health or virus risk in your space. Alerts can be configured by device or for the entire building. 

Save energy and reduce costs with system optimization

Our team of professionals will provide monthly reporting and recommendations that you can use to improve your building control or HVAC systems for energy and cost efficiencies.

Watch a Demo To See How It Works

Learn how Airsset can help you monitor your indoor air quality so you create a healthier, safer workplace where viruses have a tougher time spreading.