Unmanaged air pressure can result in dangerous particles being trapped in your space and contribute to noticeable discomfort within a building. Airsset offers devices that include indoor air pressure monitoring, so you can understand your ambient air – in real-time.

Why is it important to monitor air pressure levels?

Indoor air pressure indicates the force exerted by air in a confined space, with changes typically taking place too slowly to notice. Without strict controls, the pressure within a room can be constantly shifting, as air moves in and out.

Many medical spaces like operating rooms, isolation rooms, and research facilities need to remain under negative pressure to avoid cross-contamination of dangerous airborne particles. The introduction of new unfiltered air can potentially carry contaminants like the COVID-19 virus and other germs.

Managing air pressure within a commercial building can be just as crucial. Copy rooms, cleaning supply areas, and other spaces that contain chemicals or toxins should all be kept under negative pressure to prevent unsafe particles from entering living areas or workspaces.

Poorly managed air pressure within a building can also result in the development of drafts, hot and cold spots, as well as extreme humidity levels. This can create uncomfortable environments for your occupants and force business owners to use more energy than necessary.

Monitoring systems that include indoor air pressure sensors can help hospitals and other buildings reduce the spread of infectious diseases, as well as isolate air quality issues to a single area.

Poorly balanced indoor air pressure can be uncomfortable and spread airborne contaminants like the COVID-19 virus

Changes in indoor air pressure typically take place too slowly to notice without a monitoring system or device

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Protect your air quality with Airsset

Airsset can help you monitor important indoor air quality (IAQ) factors like air pressure. With your Airsset device, you’ll have an air pressure sensor built right into your IAQ system. Your device will also provide you with alerts and access to an easy-to-use online dashboard to help you better understand your data and take action when you need to.

It starts with three easy steps



Connect one of our selected air quality devices to your wifi and a power source.



Know in real time about your space. Don’t worry, our experts are also looking at your data.



Combine insights and indoor air solutions to improve your spaces.

Use your data to identify and fix IAQ issues

Easily solve problems with real-time reporting

Airsset’s indoor air quality dashboards allow you to identify IAQ issues right away. No more wasted time or resources running inefficient systems or looking into problems. Armed with more data, you can resolve issues within your space faster.

Take action to keep your space safe with custom alerts

Know when it’s time to take action – even for something as small as opening a window. Custom alerts can also notify you of the big stuff, like if there’s a major health or virus risk in your space. Alerts can be configured per device for a single workspace or throughout your entire building.

Save energy and reduce costs with system optimization

Our team of advisors will provide monthly reporting and recommendations based on the data that your device collects. You can use this information to improve your indoor air quality, save on energy, or cut costs by adjusting your building control or HVAC systems. 

  • Differences in temperature
  • Weather fluctuations, such as wind
  • Airflow patterns

Ways to manage air pressure

  • Track your air pressure with an IAQ monitoring system
  • Manage airflow with exhaust fans, dampers, or HEPA filters
  • Control the quality and quantity of air within a space
  • Create airflow patterns within your building

Air Pressure quick facts

  • Indoor air pressure indicates the force exerted by air in a confined space 
  • Shifting air pressure can spread dangerous particles and airborne contaminants like COVID-19
  • Unmanaged air pressure can also create drafts, hot and cold spots, as well as extreme humidity levels

Airsset devices that monitor air pressure

  • Nano
  • Aura

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