Working with Airsset has allowed me to lower the time spent on site and increase the time I can spend with valuable data.

Chris Collett IAQ Consultants (IAQ professional)

Knowing if a building is performing is hard without actual data. Our measurement and verification team relly on the data from Airsset to make client suggestions.

Marina Timmins (Edge Consultants – Energy Analyst)

To prove that our biofiltration system worked required impartial third party data. Airsset is the perfect partner to show cause and effect, giving our clients confidence in what we do.

Susan Blanchett

We are always looking for partners across the following categories

Solutions Partners

You help solve IAQ issues and we can refer our clients to your solutions or labour services. 

Reporting Partners

You have expertise in interpreting and analyzing air quality data and can support our clients.

Service Partners

You can install and calibrate air quality monitors and sensors on-site. 

Integration Partners

Your clients would benefit from Airsset and you want to bundle or distribute it with your existing products or services. 

Referral Partners

You want to refer contacts and clients to Airsset and want to be compensated for it. 

Solutions Partners

We often have clients who work with us to set up their systems, but then they’re looking for experts or consultants who can help them solve the IAQ issues we uncover. We are building a roster of solutions partners across the globe that we can refer our clients to solve their individual IAQ problems.

  • Controls contractors
  • Filter suppliers
  • HVAC system suppliers
  • Commissioning experts

Reporting Partners

We generate monthly “insights from the experts” reports for our clients based on their data, and are always looking for people we can hire to provide that expertise and analysis. Additionally, for the right partner, we would seek assistance with ongoing device accuracy.

  • IAQ consultants 
  • Green building consultants
  • Industrial hygienists

Service Partners

Many of our clients require support for on-site installation of monitoring devices, as well as calibration with our software.  We are building a roster of service partners across the globe that we can refer our clients to or contract out to.

  • IT services companies 
  • Controls contractors
  • Indoor air quality consultants

Integration Partners

You offer a complimentary product or service that could be bundled or distributed with Airsset.

Some offerings we have partnered with before include:

  • Air purification systems
  • Building HVAC controls solutions
  • IAQ service offerings
  • Software data layer

These partners commonly include: 

  • Type A: Controls designers, Mechanical design build contractors
  • Type B: Filtration, sterilization, cleaners or purifiers
  • Type C: Services (e.g. controls contractors, installers, IAQ consultants etc, etc)
  • Type D: Software companies

Referral Partners

You want to refer contacts and clients to Airsset and want to be compensated for it. We partner with individuals and organizations and will share revenue with you for your referrals.

  • Reporting partners
  • Individuals who are well connected 
  • Consulting firms that are no distributors
  • Local reps who might also rep HVAC

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