Airborne viruses like the cold, flu, and SARS variants like Covid-19 spread through the air. When not monitored, they can spread quickly through workplaces and other indoor spaces. By tracking and monitoring things like temperature, humidity, and the presence of particles like CO2 and PM2.5, you can lower the risk of viral survivability and viral spread in your indoor spaces.

How do airborne viruses spread indoors?

When someone who is sick or has a virus coughs, sneezes, or even simply talks or sings, they can release airborne virus particles into the air. The length of time that those particles stay in the air, and the likelihood that they’ll infect someone else, depends on a number of factors like…

  1. Temperature & humidity: viruses survive better in cool and dry conditions
  2. Air movement: if the air is stale and unmoving, the virus will stick around longer
  3. Air quality: if there’s lots of dust or particles in the air that are hard on your lungs, it makes it easier for viruses to infect you

Improved indoor air quality can reduce the viral load by 89%

American Society of Microbiology

Improved indoor air quality can reduce disease transmission by 75%

Centre for disease control

Airsset can help you monitor your indoor air quality

Take quick action to reduce viral survivability

Viruses survive best in dry and cool conditions. By monitoring the temperature and humidity (rH) and getting alerts when rooms or spaces enter conditions with a higher viral survival rate, you can take immediate action. Plus, this tends to mean that your space will be more comfortable for the people there as well.

Airsset will send alerts when the temperature and humidity in specific rooms are too high or low.

Monitor air ventilation to identify risks of high viral load

If the air is stale and unmoving, the virus will stay in the air longer. Do you know if your space has effective ventilation? What happens when a ventilation fan breaks or stops working? Sometimes the issue isn’t noticed or resolved for months, and that area can have high viral loads and no one knows it.

Airsset monitors for CO2 which, when found in high levels indicates a lack of air movement which often also means high viral loads. When there’s an issue, you’ll get an alert so you can take action immediately. Airsset can also connect to your control system for any Demand Control Ventilation needs.

Healthy lungs are better at fighting off viruses

When there are high levels of particles in the air that are hard on your lungs like dust (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), your lungs are more susceptible to virus infection. Need a sentence or two of practical cases when dust & NO2 become more prevalent.

Our monthly reports prepared by our team of experts can help you identify recurring problems and optimize your air quality system for a healthier, safer workplace.

A healthier, safer workplace starts here

Airsset will help you not only monitor important air quality factors like carbon dioxide (CO2), but you’ll also better understand the data and get alerts when you need to take action.

It starts with three easy steps


Connect to one of our selected air quality devices to a power source.

Connect it

Connect the device to your wifi

Real-time monitoring

You’re live! Check your real-time air quality dashboard at any time.

Use your data to identify & fix issues

Easier problem solving with real-time reporting

With real-time indoor air quality dashboards, you don’t waste any time or resources running inefficient systems or investigating the problem. More data can identify the root problem of any issues faster and easier.

Take action faster with custom alerts

Know when it’s time to take an action as small as opening a window or when there’s a major health or virus risk in your space. Alerts can be configured by device or for the entire building.

Save energy and reduce costs with system optimization

Our team of professionals will provide monthly reporting and recommendations that you can use to improve your building control or HVAC systems for energy and cost efficiencies.

Watch a Demo To See How It Works

Learn how Airsset can help you monitor your indoor air quality so you create a healthier, safer workplace where viruses have a tougher time spreading