Connect one of our selected air quality devices to your wifi and a power source.



Know in real time about your space. Don’t worry, our experts are also looking at your data.



Combine insights and indoor air solutions to improve your spaces.

Since it’s not just about monitoring, you’ll be in good hands with our team of professionals
providing monthly reporting, and advice.


Our dashboard provides real-time monitoring of air quality in your workplace, with our team of professionals also looking with a keen eye.


Preset or configurable real-time alerts, by device or at a company level

90% Productivity


Our analysts provide a regular summary
analysis for your spaces.

Virus Index

Identify risks

With real-time alerts, an active dashboard, and monthly reports Airsset identifies risks.


Our team can recommend solutions to improve your air quality using building control or HVAC systems. 

Who we help

Employers that want to be proactive in improving their indoor air quality, and avoid liabilities under workplace health and safety legislation.

Progressive companies that want to promote a healthy workplace environment to existing and future employees. Airsset is a retention and recruiting tool for employees. 

Employers understand the importance of addressing employee queries around workplace health and safety. Airsset can provide a tool to constantly monitor and ensure high air quality, and put employees concerns to rest. 

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