The quality of the air you breathe can impact more than just your lungs. From headaches to fatigue, your workplace air quality may be to blame for employee dissatisfaction.

Uncover how you can improve your staff’s experience by monitoring the environmental factors that contribute to your building’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Airsset offers IAQ monitoring systems that can assist you in providing a safer, more comfortable workplace to help you boost employee satisfaction levels within your business.

How does indoor air quality impact the workplace?

Poor indoor air quality can have a number of effects on your office space and the people who work there. By measuring your IAQ, you can more effectively manage your business environment and keep your employees happy and healthy. 

Airsset can help you better understand your indoor air quality. Armed with the data points from your device, you can positively impact your employees’ work experience by:

  • Keeping Your Air Safe: Manage gas levels, dust, and VOCs within your workplace with your Airsset device. Our monitoring systems will alert you in real-time when your indoor air quality contains dangerous levels of unsafe airborne particles, so you can take action and keep your staff safe.
  • Improving Employee Productivity: Alongside potential health and safety risks, Harvard studies show that poor air quality can impact employee performance by 15% or greater. Airsset offers custom alerts like our cognitive function parameter, which can help you provide an environment in which your staff can literally breathe easier and function more efficiently.
  • Setting the Right Temperature: Airsset’s indoor air quality sensors can help you isolate different temperature and humidity levels throughout your building. With this information, you can better understand when to heat or cool certain spaces, keeping your employees safe and comfortable.

Airsset devices offer you a solution to your indoor air quality issues, so you can improve employee satisfaction by providing a workplace that’s both safe and comfortable.

Monitoring air quality can help you provide a workplace environment that’s safe and comfortable

Improved indoor air quality can reduce sick days by lowering chemical levels and viral load

Understanding your IAQ can help you improve employee satisfaction and performance

Find the indoor air quality solution that fits your needs

No two buildings are the same, which is why each of our indoor air quality solutions are unique. Airsset’s monitoring systems can help you identify issues within your space and improve your IAQ. Often, all it takes is low-cost operational changes. Sometimes it’s even simpler.

How monitoring indoor air quality can improve employee satisfaction

Fix issues in real-time to avoid employee dissatisfaction

Whether your building has high levels of toxic gases, poor ventilation, or an inefficient heating and cooling system, Airsset can help you adjust your environment to ensure that your employees are happy and healthy. Custom alerts and an easy-to-use online dashboard keep you informed of your indoor air quality in real-time, so you can take action and your staff can breathe easy.

Monitor air quality to improve employee productivity and comfort

When you improve your indoor air quality, you’re also improving your staff’s experience within your workspace. Better air means higher cognitive function, increased productivity, and overall employee satisfaction. Higher air quality can also be linked to fewer absences related to illness and exposure to unsafe airborne chemicals.

Avoid major expenses with IAQ reports and recommendations

When you choose Airsset to monitor your indoor air quality, you’ll receive monthly IAQ summaries from our team of advisors. Each day, your device will collect data in real-time, which you can view whenever you access your online dashboard. At the end of the month, our team will review the metrics and put together recommendations on how you can improve your indoor air quality. Often, these are minor fixes that can help you immediately improve employee satisfaction.

Protect your air quality with Airsset

Airsset can help you improve employee satisfaction by monitoring important indoor air quality (IAQ) factors. Your Airsset device will provide you with alerts and access to an easy-to-use online dashboard to help you better understand your data and take action when you need to. 

It starts with three easy steps



Connect one of our selected air quality devices to your wifi and a power source.



Know in real time about your space. Don’t worry, our experts are also looking at your data.



Combine insights and indoor air solutions to improve your spaces.

Use your data to identify and fix IAQ issues

Easily solve problems with real-time reporting

Airsset’s indoor air quality dashboards allow you to identify IAQ issues right away. No more wasted time or resources running inefficient systems or looking into problems. Armed with more data, you can resolve issues within your space faster.

Save energy and reduce costs with system optimization

Know when it’s time to take action – even for something as small as opening a window. Custom alerts can also notify you of the big stuff, like if there’s a potential health or virus risk in your space. Alerts can be configured per device for a single workspace or throughout your entire building.

Take action to keep your space safe with custom alerts

Our team of advisors will provide monthly reporting and recommendations based on the data that your device collects. You can use this information to improve your indoor air quality, save on energy, or cut costs by adjusting your building control or HVAC systems. 

Contact our team to learn more

Get in touch with one of our advisors to find out how Airsset can help you improve your indoor air quality.