Spending prolonged periods of time in extreme temperatures and humidity can lead to a wide variety of health and productivity issues. Airsset offers devices, and software insights that include temperature and humidity monitoring systems, so you can track your ambient air – in real-time.

Why is it important to monitor temperature and humidity levels?

There’s a delicate balance when it comes to your indoor space’s temperature and humidity levels. Ideally, your indoor air will vary between 20ºC to 25ºC, and 30% to 50% relative humidity.

Indoor environments that are too hot can lead to a variety of health risks, including heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and feelings of lethargy. In fact, the difference between 20ºC and 28ºC can result in a 15% decline in workplace productivity. In extreme cases, sustained exposure to extreme heat can lead to increased illnesses and hospitalization. On the other hand, a space that’s too cold can result in higher blood pressure, asthma, and poor mental health. Viruses are also more likely to survive and spread in cool, dry indoor conditions.

In addition to viral infections and respiratory illnesses, an overly dry environment can also contribute to skin problems, nosebleeds, and sore throats. But increase the humidity in a building, and your space will become damp. This can make it susceptible to mold, which is often associated with breathing issues.

As climate change persists, it’s more important than ever for landlords and business owners to consider the impacts of seasonal heat waves and cold fronts in order to keep their tenants and employees safe. Electronic equipment, exterior building construction, window composition, lack of airflow, and certain industrial practices may also play a part into your space’s temperature and humidity levels.

Most buildings don’t have the ability to widely track temperature and humidity, with readings being confined to a single heating zone. A system that includes a temperature and humidity monitor can help you uncover areas that are too hot, cold, or humid in more detail. This can help you prevent your occupants from being exposed to dangerous indoor environments that could lead to serious health issues.

High temperatures and humidity

Above 25ºC and 50% moisture can cause serious heat illnesses, cognitive impairment, and mold.

Low temperature and humidity

Below 20ºC and 30% moisture can impact mental health, viral survivability, and blood pressure.

“Airsset provides us with healthy indoor environments for our tenants.

Richard Morley, Director, Facilities Management,
Century Group

Protect your air quality with Airsset

Airsset can help you monitor important indoor air quality (IAQ) factors like temperature and humidity levels. With your Airsset device, you’ll have a temperature and humidity sensor built right into your IAQ system. Your device will also provide you with alerts and access to an easy-to-use online dashboard to help you better understand your data and take action when you need to.

Start monitoring your air quality in three easy steps



Connect one of our selected air quality devices to your wifi and a power source.



Know in real time about your space. Don’t worry, our experts are also looking at your data.



Combine insights and indoor air solutions to improve your spaces.

Since it’s not just about monitoring, you’ll be in good hands with our team of professionals
providing monthly reporting, and advice.

Where extreme temperatures and humidity come from

  • Climate change
  • Electronic equipment
  • Poor building and window construction
  • Industrial practices, such as welding and other hot work
  • Lack of airflow

Ways to manage temperature and humidity

  • Open or close your windows at the right time using Airsset alerts
  • Employ demand control ventilation using an Airsset sensor
  • Evaluate and improve your HVAC systems
  • Plan routine inspections and maintenance of your building’s exterior and windows

Temperature and humidity quick facts

  • Extreme temperatures and humidity can cause a range of serious health issues, such as heat illnesses, poor mental health, and the spread of viruses
  • The difference between 20ºC and 28ºC can result in a 15% decline in workplace productivity
  • Severe weather, building composition, and a lack of airflow can all contribute to dangerous temperature and humidity levels

Airsset devices monitoring temperature and humidity

  • Breathforce
  • Omni
  • Sense Edge Mini
  • Tongdy
  • Essential
  • Nano
  • Aura

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