A Guide Book for Employers Welcoming Staff Back to Work during the COVID Pandemic

Edge Sustainability Consulting in collaboration with sister company airsset and our friends at Operto Guest Technology, were some of the first offices to re-open in Vancouver, BC Canada. In order to ensure a safe reopening, the three worked together on policies collected from around the world. The goal was to craft a strategy rooted in the available science around the control of airborne contaminants as well as the specifics of COVID 19. While the guide was developed as an internal tool, the decision was made to share it widely given the depth of information in the guide. While much of the information is specific to offices and work environments in British Columbia Canada, it serves as a useful tool for anyone looking to provide a safe work environment during these challenging times. We hope it will serve you as well as its served us since our office reopened on May 25th, 2020.

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