What precautions to take regarding the air we breathe in considering the existing wildfires in B.C. and California?

Wildfire season typically runs from early April to late October. As wildfires burn, it produces dense smoke that can be a major source of toxic air pollutants. This pollution contains fine particles (that are not visible to the human eye) that penetrate deep into our lungs and bloodstream, sometimes leading to serious health effects. Those at greater risk of these effects are:

– small children

– pregnant women

– elderly

– people with lung or heart conditions

– people involved in strenuous outdoor work or sports.

During heavy smoke conditions, all people are at risk regardless of their age or health.

Airsset Technologies Inc. is here to help commercial clients such as, office owners and tenants, senior care homes, healthcare facilities and retail outlets monitor and manage the quality of the indoor air you breathe. Our custom dashboard and alerts software help mitigate the health risk of harmful microscopic particles. Thanks to the underlying engineering expertise behind Airsset we offer long-term solutions how to manage your IAQ during these events.

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