Airsset and its Indoor Air Quality Virus Index

Ever since the outbreak at a restaurant in Wuhan and a choir practice in Washington State, the subject of airborne transmission of the virus has become a hot topic. 

What most people do not realize is that there is so much research that preceded these instances. It has long been known that humidity plays a significant role in virus survival and transmission. Dr Stephanie Taylor has long been advocating to keep relative humidity at between 40-60%. The research is strong and our moms all knew this to be true (which is why they would always throw a humidifier into our rooms…moms are the best!)

Increasing ventilation is also so important, because most health officials agree that the virus does not spread readily outside. There have been great studies and tools that attempt to quantify the effects of bringing in greater ventilation to reduce viral spread.

While our team as well as our CEO at Airsset Technologies Inc. have read too many papers and articles, to even attempt to summarize here, we thought it would be best to just provide a very brief video on the factors that increase the risk of a virus spreading and making you sick in this video.

Airsset Virus Index